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Excited to read this! Mamba Mentality by @kobebryant. #BlackMamba #MambaMentality #KobeBryant


  • 12w ago the.nazz.with_god_given_ass the.nazz.with_god_given_ass

    Funny shit, I thought about you today while I was over there! Haha I work across the street from The Grove

  • 12w ago _rmaq _rmaq

    Make sure to send a copy to Lebron 🤦‍♂️

  • 12w ago la_422 la_422

    @_rmaq yeah no kidding. Kobe would've made those free throws last night. Lol

  • 12w ago vincemuhhfuhh vincemuhhfuhh

    Ohh lemme know how this is!

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