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BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT , no equipment needed ! 😳Surprised myself with how challenging this ended up being. Thank you to everyone that responded to my polls this morning. If you didn’t yet, go to my story + vote so I can provide more content that’s helpful for YOU! I really do value your feedback. So thank you! Swipe and see workout details👇🏻 below. If you have comments/ questions, need modifications or form cues please message me so I can help! •

Do each movement for 45 -60 seconds, rest / transition to the next move for 15 seconds
Circuit 1 : Legs and Glutes ( complete 3 or more rounds before moving on to the core circuit) rest between rounds at your discretion
1. Super set (this just means do the movements one right after the other) *Right leg wall sit
-either lift and hold the left leg up or “kickstand” the left leg to make the move easier
*Right leg long stride reverse lunge
2. Super set
*Left leg wall sit
*Left leg long stride reverse lunge
3. Glute Bridge Pulses
4. Frog pump pulses
5. Squat Jacks
6. Quarter Squats (come up 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, then all the way up. repeat) Do not bounce. Use control and keep your butt down and chest up
7. Wallsit with abduction (squeeze your glutes to push your knees out and in) -
Circuit 2 : Core
30-45 seconds on 15 seconds rest/ transition
complete 2 or more rounds -
1. Up/ Down Plank with Jacks (lead with your right arm, 4 jacks in each position, repeat)
2. Right side v crunch
3. Right side only bicycle
4. Right side Jack Knife
Rest for 30 - 60 seconds and repeat on the Left to complete the round
Have access to add equipment or looking to make this more challenging? Add some weight/ dumbbells or a mini resistance band around your knees for the lower body mat movements 😊

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