Instagram post by @la_422 L.A.

Second attempt at making omurice. Don't have the shape quite down yet but at least the eggs are runny! 😂😋 #JapaneseFood #omurice


  • 13w ago inhalexxhale inhalexxhale

    my fave!

  • 13w ago amadorix amadorix

    Good job! Cook it for us when you come home. It’ll go well with your Mom’s homemade pork tocino.

  • 13w ago laoboi562 laoboi562

    No Ketchup rice?! Low key the best part of omurice. Looking good tho 🔥🔥

  • 13w ago lilprincess_art lilprincess_art

    Nice one, Check the page in my bio, get it if you think its for you 🌺

  • 13w ago h0llieta h0llieta

    Soooo..dinner at your place? @konamkid

  • 13w ago la_422 la_422

    @h0llieta lol once I get settled! Maybe we can have some board game nights if it's not too far for you guys

  • 13w ago h0llieta h0llieta

    @la_422 down on weekends!

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