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9x04 - "Jamie, I'm fine" "Well, thank God." 😒 (Make up scene) β™₯️


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  • 4w ago jamko.scenes jamko.scenes

    @vanessastroian THE HANDHOLDING β™₯️β™₯️ I GOTTA ADMIT THAT OVERPROTECTIVE JAMIE IS 😍😍😍 (he really needs to back off next time tho πŸ˜‚)

  • 4w ago britishbookaddict britishbookaddict

    I feel like that is such a big deal since it seems no one in the house knows about them yet so handholding while being around a load of other cops seems like a big step especially for Jamie. πŸ’™πŸ’™

  • 4w ago jamko2010 jamko2010

    @jamko.scenes I so agree he’s such a Real Man β™₯️

  • 4w ago jamko.scenes jamko.scenes

    @britishbookaddict I thought the exact same thing. As they said, they're trying to separate their personal lives from work, so holding hands seems enough to let their love and concern for each other show a little bit (considering what just happened) without overstepping any boundaries because they're still "on duty" at that moment.

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  • 4w ago apogan18 apogan18

    When he said β€œThank God” I wanted to cry. He seemed like he was about cry. 😒

  • 4w ago rowanlm30 rowanlm30

    I love how he looks hesitant about holding hands at first. It’s such a big step for him in their relationship outside of home.

  • 4w ago nerdyweirdo1254 nerdyweirdo1254

    The funny moment was when Jamie came SUPER SONIC SPEED flying out of nowhere to save Eddie and I kind of laugh a little because it was like we was Superman saving Lois Lane

  • 4w ago jamko.scenes jamko.scenes

    @apogan18 Yeah. He was terrified! He doesn't want anything bad happening to her 😒β™₯️

  • 4w ago jamko.scenes jamko.scenes

    @nerdyweirdo1254 in all the seriousness and intensity of the moment, that part made me laugh as well for the same reason πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He got there sooo fast. I don't know who was more SHOOK, me or the perp when Jamie jumped on him lol. The only thing missing was his cape πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ‘Š

  • 3w ago tasha.diaz.6 tasha.diaz.6

    Great scene! I honestly don't know how some people say they don't have chemistry... the way they look at each other, talk to each other, and react to one another is amazing. And they both realize they need to learn to keep work and home separate which makes their relationship even more believable. Great scene!😍

  • 3w ago nerdyweirdo1254 nerdyweirdo1254

    @jamko.scenes yassss

  • 3w ago walshsam walshsam

    I was so excited for them to finally be together. However, I find them really annoying. The chemistry seems to have changed and the story line is unbelievable.

  • 3w ago debbie.capasso debbie.capasso

    Great episode

  • 3w ago wrinklebutts wrinklebutts

    I watch blue bloods only because of them!

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