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This is not a real fairy door. It is located on the western side of Qualkabacken at the main entry route. It was created over two hundred years ago by Pachatinitta to ward of the spirits of the Gantala. These spirits are old souls of Gantala’s, who are like humans except much physically smaller, more intelligent and live shorter lives. These old souls, despite having lived many many times, lost themselves in their lives and passed away once and for all with that pain of lose still alive in their hearts. They are souls disconnected from their spirits and yet as lost dead souls they are nonetheless desperately trying to find their spirit long after it is too late to do so. Their desperation makes them evil and they know no boundaries. The red and white mushroom is a sign to them that they are entering sacred space. Any hint of desperation in sacred space can make you eternally crazy. They never enter. But outside the sacred space of fairyland fairies are always on the look out for, and fearful of meeting Gantalas. #fairy #fairies #fairyland #fairytale #fairytales #bedtimestory #bedtimestories #fairygarden #fairyforest #fairyqueen #mystical #storytime


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