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False Accusations has been played out. 🙄
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  • 8w ago shontell68 shontell68

    Good morning. Where can I find today's morning Inspirational words by Albert @russparrshow

  • 8w ago raydiotwins raydiotwins

    Good morning ‼️ And yea we are sick of it too‼️It’s amazing what this country/world has come to. Being fed doesn’t even begin to explain how angry and frustrating this has become ‼️

  • 8w ago 69_flavorz 69_flavorz

    💯 FACTS!!

  • 8w ago rugbywng39 rugbywng39

    Imagine if this was the other way around where he followed her to her door because they did not know each other. Should she have provided her address to a stranger? Nope! Lastly. If she was so uncomfortable with him, why did she follow him around?

  • 8w ago peppercodymom peppercodymom

    Speak it Russ stay woke 😯

  • 8w ago vvindc vvindc

    💕❤️💕Welcome Back Russ Parr!! Love your team💕❤💕 God Bless all of you💕❤💕Hi @georgiaalfredas @sumbodytrippin and Preya (spelling?) Love you guys💕❤💕

  • 8w ago momnsons211 momnsons211

    She did not seem to be intimidated at all and I’m sure she had seen him in the building b4. It was almost like she wanted him to go off to give her a reason to call the police. Hats off to the gentleman for not going off on her. It was not her place to be a toy cop.

  • 8w ago tequilar8 tequilar8

    What’s interesting about this is the fact that the majority of the false allegations are coming from the same source that caused the lives of many people of color during the Jim crow days. I agree with you. They need to stop before something serious happens.

  • 8w ago lindasedibles lindasedibles

    And @russparrshow, they could potentially have someone murdered. The little boy who was accused of grabbing corner store Kelly’s behind, he was on @goodmorningamerica this morning and this child will probably now need therapy because he feared his mother would be taken away by the police or that he would. And the police have to stop answering to these ridiculous calls.

  • 8w ago scjackson21 scjackson21

    Spot On!

  • 8w ago kennycasano kennycasano

    We need to kick bias white people ass.

  • 8w ago deneen.jones523 deneen.jones523

    Some of these white folks walking around make me ashamed to be white.

  • 8w ago wenbu69 wenbu69


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