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💜💕Dedication post to my big bro & dear friend @cjmartinphotography, who we lost a few days ago...I’ve been sitting here going thru all our pictures & videos, trying to find all the ones we have together..realizing I just have your voice to hold onto bc you always wanted to be behind the camera haha so I decided to post more of your talented work, because you loved it so much(we had so much fun this day😂) 💕 I’m trying to put into words how truly incredible u are and how instrumental you have been in my life. Not only did you give me a chance to work with you, but you also gave me a chance to be your friend, and I am extremely blessed for that. You truly have been a light in my life, one I will never forget. THANK YOU for being selfless, you always thought about others before always knew when I needed a smile or some words of encouragement. Thank you for our convos full of GIFS😂, relationship & work advice..our basketball & muay thai dates and sharing a love of chocolate chip cookies, champagne and dance parties with me. Days on set were some of my favorites bc we never stopped laughing and you taught me to love myself completely. I am so numb right now, but I am happy knowing you are not hurting anymore and in God’s Grace. Thank you big bro at the bottom of my heart for being YOU...we will never forget you💜💕 To the “Dream Team” cheers 🥂🍾forever and always...we love u and miss u dearly💜💕 #love #family


  • 13w ago kimcisabella kimcisabella

    :( I’m sorry Lauren. Beautiful message. Love you tons. 💗

  • 13w ago kcornes2018 kcornes2018


  • 13w ago dfritomedia dfritomedia

    So sorry for your loss

  • 13w ago leboev leboev

    Oh I'm really sorry for your loss and my wholeheartedly condolences to you all❤🙏🏼 Sad but still also wonderful and heart-warming words!!! Wishing you Always All the Best, God Bless you, your family & Friends🙏🏼🌻🙏🏼 Something dimmed the light, darkness of sadness and loss haze you and maybe tears run after your face.
    Then I know
    no words can really help…
    nobody can feel your feel at moments.
    But sometimes there is a gentle shoulder, which 's stronger than words,
    an open ear which catch all tears
    and something which gives you warmth again
    and is only just there for you!
    So believe and no despair even if it at moment doesn't feel fair!!!

  • 13w ago masashi__tashiro masashi__tashiro

    Excellent tribute... RIP to the man 🙏

  • 13w ago chris_hudson13 chris_hudson13


  • 13w ago its_me_official_ its_me_official_

    Sorry for your loss

  • 13w ago mohammadii_meysam mohammadii_meysam

    Beauty like always

  • 13w ago ttillette ttillette

    💕 ❤️💕❤️

  • 13w ago charles_herb charles_herb

    I love you Lauren 💜

  • 13w ago captionmerollin captionmerollin


  • 13w ago fabfacekace fabfacekace

    Our collaboration was one of my favorite ones in life. We will miss this sweet man forever.❤️😢

  • 13w ago singletracksara singletracksara

    ☀ 🌵 ✌

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