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Diddy and Cassie have split after 10 years Do you think she is entitled anything. Comment or hit us now at 877 727 7746


  • 4w ago dom_o_neek dom_o_neek

    No tf

  • 4w ago juanie06 juanie06

    That was her choice to stay with him and not get married😑

  • 4w ago __darling__nola__23 __darling__nola__23

    Entitled to an ass whooping for staying that damn long 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • 4w ago cincybaby513 cincybaby513

    Not really but he should give her something ijs

  • 4w ago happynaptual5 happynaptual5


  • 4w ago kimblow1 kimblow1

    She's not entitled to a dime! If she was smart, she should've been stashing cash.

  • 4w ago babyboy7171 babyboy7171

    Hell no..

  • 4w ago cancerbae777 cancerbae777

    Why is this even a topic? She got what she deserved.. the perks of being Diddy’s woman. Don’t worry, Cassie will be with someone’s arm candy in no time bcuz as you all said, “her best years” coming to a close. The next “Cassie” is turning 18 right now... 😳🤣

  • 4w ago bigjay_58 bigjay_58

    That should go by the laws in that state and whatever the law is would be final.

  • 4w ago alishaendre alishaendre

    I’m super turned off by the number of women who feel being with some man is a “perk;” wow. Technically they were common law spouses. I do NOT think he owes her half or anything. But I think it would show him to be less of a gentleman if he didn’t give her something in parting: a business start up investment, a small parting gift, hush money lol. Some of these women commenting need to think more highly of themselves and realize that TIME is money. Wasted time is money lost if you with a broke man or in escrow if you’re dating a rich one. Unless he catches YOU cheating or breaking the agreement of the relationship, you shouldn’t be walking away with nothing to show for 10 years of your life. Smh. We can be such dummies for men.

  • 4w ago loni._t loni._t

    Yes. Not half but something. She can’t get those years back. She didn’t have children. She didn’t get married so he should set her up to place herself in a position to move forward.

  • 4w ago quiet_as_kept42 quiet_as_kept42

    That was a prison relationship. Controlled her since she was a kid. Lol. She got older and smarter. Diddy had to know this was coming. And I’m sure she got #Dough

  • 4w ago princess_leo79 princess_leo79

    Fist of all.... What happened????

  • 4w ago fit_and_fierce82 fit_and_fierce82

    Entitled?! That’s what’s wrong with people now...people think they are owed something. She chose to stay, whether or not she knew they weren’t going to get married, who knows but she chose to be with him all that time.

  • 4w ago michele_moore07 michele_moore07

    Naw...Entitled to nothing...she reaped the benefits while she was there...she should have been stacking her coins for this rainy day...she knew it was coming

  • 4w ago _butterflycutie _butterflycutie

    I’m sure he made sure she had a nice exit🤑🤑🤑 none of his exes look like they are starving!!

  • 4w ago imantsmom imantsmom

    Key word is “entitled” that’s what’s wrong with half of the world today 🙄

  • 4w ago thereeltonya thereeltonya

    @alishaendre hush money and parting gifts 😂

  • 4w ago alishaendre alishaendre

    @thereeltonya 😩🤣

  • 4w ago mrsconcreterose mrsconcreterose


  • 4w ago mrsconcreterose mrsconcreterose

    @__q__is__love__23 big FACTS 💪

  • 4w ago mrsconcreterose mrsconcreterose

    @69_flavorz 😂

  • 4w ago 69_flavorz 69_flavorz

    @mrsconcreterose I instantly think of R.Pedophilia when I say #aged!!🙊

  • 4w ago gamadetxraised gamadetxraised

    Hope he has both them asses on a non disclosure agreement. ✌🏽

  • 4w ago bags_and_heels bags_and_heels

    Grow up Diddy

  • 4w ago toninailsit toninailsit

    I hope she was smart and saved her coins

  • 4w ago freshlegs27 freshlegs27

    Let's not GAF.

  • 4w ago ms._samone ms._samone

    @__q__is__love__23 😭😭😭lol right!

  • 4w ago niecydee515 niecydee515

    @__q__is__love__23 😂😂😂💯💯💯

  • 4w ago kayceecampbell kayceecampbell

    No but poor baby gave this man her twenties

  • 4w ago kayceecampbell kayceecampbell

    @_butterflycutie right

  • 4w ago reedamayor reedamayor

    Entitled to what’s his why would you even ask that😞 poor internet full of Wendy Williams jrs

  • 4w ago gunnjr gunnjr

    He played with her. They probably broke up from some of the stories of him coming out of the closet

  • 4w ago arleanjefferson arleanjefferson

    Good morning and hell no it was a relationship not a bank transaction but what do i knpw with theae days and time ust saying with the people of today

  • 4w ago tremayne4me tremayne4me

    Diddy does not want to be married he wants a pretty girl in his arm.......... He Is Probably still sleeping with the other baby mamas.......

  • 4w ago sigmaamo1914 sigmaamo1914

    Why would she be entitled to anything. Is he entitled to anything? It’s over. Both need to move on.

  • 4w ago tfa_thxforall tfa_thxforall

    Nope why would she? BTW check out @parrisladame

  • 4w ago xraycutie xraycutie

    Shes entitled to kick rocks for being dumb! She should've made him put a ring on it or put some money away. 😂😂

  • 4w ago kearneykearn kearneykearn

    She's entitled to another hit on that meth pipe! Bc she's delusional as hell if she think she's entitled to some money! Hell, go find another rich man to fuck! 🤣

  • 3w ago jazzyjazz814e jazzyjazz814e

    @69_flavorz 🤭I wonder who’s next n line!!!!

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