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My 7-year-old, Ford + 6-year-old, Luke have been begging me to take a bubble bath with them. And tonight was the night. 😃 The three of us relaxed in the tub singing songs + chattering excitedly about how our days went. #idyllic ☺️ Then, inexplicably, Luke cupped his little hand in the water + bent down to take a slurp. 🤢 His gaze darted over to Ford as he asked “Ford, did you poop in this water?” 😳 The chill of pure horror ran down my spine. Ford laughed + responded that he certainly had not. 🙂 Phew, I thought. “Toot?” Luke asked. Ford dissolved into a fit of giggles as he confirmed Luker’s suspicions that not all the bubbles in the tub were soap-based. 😐 At which point, bathtime was officially O-V-E-R for mama. Luckily, memories of tonight’s veggie + flank steak fajitas got me through the light trauma. How I did it👇🏼 #savoringtheflavoring

1. I marinated a 1 1/2 lb flank steak in a few tbsp olive oil + the juice of a couple limes + a few glugs of Worcestershire + 4 minced garlic cloves + about a tbsp each of chili powder + cumin + a tsp or so each of smoked paprika + onion powder + dried oregano + a couple good pinches of sea salt all day in the fridge.
2. At dinner time, I pan-fried the steak in a cast-iron skillet over med-high heat for about 2-3 minutes per side, until cooked to juuuuuust before medium. Removed to a plate to rest for a few min.
3. Turned the heat down to medium + added 2 sliced bell peppers + 1/2 a sliced red onion + 1 large sliced zucchini + cooked in the meat drippings.
4. Sliced the meat thinly + slapped some on top of a @sietefoods grain-free tortilla with some veggies + avocado + a little @nancysyogurt probiotic sour cream + cilantro.👌🏼🤤


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