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"Regardless of what our emotions or our circumstances may tell us, God’s Word says, 'My grace is sufficient for you.' Most of us are familiar with that verse. But, when it comes to the circumstances and trials of our lives, few of us really believe it. What we really believe is . . . ⠀

• 'I can't take one more sleepless night with this sick child.'⠀
• 'I can't continue in this marriage.'⠀
• 'I can't bear to be hurt one more time by my mother-in-law.'⠀
• 'I can't go on with three teenagers and a mother with dementia living in our home.' ⠀
• 'I just can't take any more.' ⠀

However, whether we choose to believe it or not, if we are God's children, the Truth is that His grace really is sufficient for us. That's assuming, of course, that we haven't taken on ourselves responsibilities He never intended us to carry. If the burden is God-given, we can go on by His grace. His grace is sufficient for every moment, every circumstance, every detail, every need, and every failure of our lives." @nancydemoss in #LiesWomenBelieve


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