Instagram post by @iamtheweakone 👤 I'm Mateusz Mielczarek™


  • 19w ago kejsi_96 kejsi_96

    Dobre ujecie 💥

  • 19w ago duigo23_workout duigo23_workout

    The return!! Clean form on all 💪

  • 19w ago markudella markudella

    Ale moc, ja pierdaczę 🔥

  • 19w ago x_bilsky x_bilsky


  • 19w ago yujrio yujrio

    Why are you so weak😂

  • 19w ago wal_sw wal_sw

    Clean straddle bro 💪🏽.I am glad that you are back bro 👊🏽👊🏽.

  • 19w ago alan._.golebiowski alan._.golebiowski

    kiedy doszedles a ona dalej ssie - poczatek xd moc kocie w koncu comeback ❤

  • 19w ago nicky.makes nicky.makes

    Fkn motivation 🔥

  • 19w ago 2old2train 2old2train

    co za moc! 🔥🔥🔥

  • 19w ago adn_workout adn_workout

    Hi bro good job 💪👌 How did you train to get such a good front lever touch ? so dope

  • 16w ago wearedz wearedz

    Bro I just wana tell you some think , I'm not a robot I'm not a bot, I'm a real person. And I make YouTube videos and 3 day form today I'll make one about you lucky one and I really like your plache bro💪😘

  • 16w ago iamtheweakone iamtheweakone

    @lounes_benslimane Oh thank you for these kind words. Can't wait for your vid. 😱

  • 16w ago wearedz wearedz

    @iamtheweakone no problem bro

  • 6w ago lucasherler lucasherler

    very strong, bro !

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