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@clairefit_🌸 Are you having a hard time growing your muscles? The tips below can be applied for any muscle (with the exception of the stair master)

Myth: Squat for the booty🍑
Although squats do work out your booty there other more effective exercises that will help the booty grow💕
Number one on the list HIP THRUST🔥, single glute bridges, single leg Romanian deadlift, single leg step ups, lunges (lots and lots of lunges), etc
Below are some tips for growing your glutes 🌸:
1◻eat in a caloric surplus,250-450 calories above maintenance to build muscle
2◻try and consume at least 1 g of protein per pound of bodyweight each day
3◻Mix and match rep ranges between high reps/volume days and lower rep/heavy days
4◻when doing cardio(use the stairmaster) make sure pushing through your heels


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