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Roses. Another way to say thank you.


  • 24w ago malika_e_maham malika_e_maham

    @sabiraalkasiri I only work out to eat @cadburyuk lol

  • 24w ago burgosaf burgosaf


  • 24w ago thenewromanticrenaissance thenewromanticrenaissance

    And another 🍫

  • 24w ago elizabeth_poust elizabeth_poust

    Omg please send me these and I will love you forever @yourgirlrebecca_

  • 24w ago rowdy._._girl rowdy._._girl


  • 24w ago rowdy._._girl rowdy._._girl


  • 24w ago russntfc russntfc

    Not as good as they used to be.

  • 24w ago kara1818 kara1818

    @russntfc 100%, so sickly and it’s not creamy tasting chocolate. I’m done after one, I no longer buy them. It’s a shame 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • 24w ago bhumi_kukreja bhumi_kukreja

    @divyam_kukreja 😍

  • 24w ago yourgirlrebecca_ yourgirlrebecca_

    @elizabeth_poust they are so so good!

  • 24w ago shamishafi shamishafi

    @nad1a_h 🙈❤️

  • 24w ago robyn_taylorrrx robyn_taylorrrx

    Thank you! 💖💖

  • 24w ago adspan adspan

    If only you still did the old coffee creme and the foil wrappers 😋

  • 23w ago charlottelela1982 charlottelela1982

    You need to stop using palm oil!!!

  • 23w ago rlw0872 rlw0872

    Time to Boycott Cadbury as they are destroying the natural habitat of the orangutan for Palm oil !!!

  • 23w ago paulinajustyna paulinajustyna

    stop using dirty palm oil!!!!!

  • 23w ago ce.godx ce.godx

    Another way to destroy the rainforest #dirtypalmoil 😡

  • 23w ago lydialoops lydialoops

    Roses another way to kill an orangutan.... 😓

  • 23w ago lydialoops lydialoops


  • 23w ago theeldertreepantry theeldertreepantry

    Nope not buying it, How about you listen and stop using palm oil 🌎

  • 23w ago sasquatchsteve sasquatchsteve

    Killing animals habitats to save money! You people are disgusting

  • 22w ago

    You seem to have forgotten to put orangutan blood as an ingredient...

  • 22w ago barrybjj barrybjj

    When will you stop using unsustainable palm oil and killing Orangutans?

  • 20w ago ladyofleather ladyofleather

    @autistic_anus.mp9 nah mate, if you look down each Cadbury’s post you’ll see the majority of comments are urging, encouraging and demanding that Cadbury’s stop using palm oil.....lots of people boycotting individually...the numbers add up😘 It’s very encouraging!

  • 20w ago ladyofleather ladyofleather

    @autistic_anus.mp9 it would be bad business not to care what the customer thinks. A ‘dent’ in profits in this current economic climate could be crippling to any company.

  • 19w ago lampsr5 lampsr5

    you must be pissed @cadburyuk if you think I'm gonna buy this cheap American shit that was once decent quality british made chocolate. Now it tastes like sick

  • 18w ago aoife.c.cannon aoife.c.cannon

    bring back the brazilian darkness flavor! that was my favorite

  • 18w ago ridhovalentino_ ridhovalentino_

    Manis semua ya kayak kamu @lolaameliazz_

  • 18w ago lolaameliazz_ lolaameliazz_

    @ridhovalentino_ ga diabetes kan? wkwk

  • 18w ago nicole_wassall nicole_wassall

    @lampsr5 sadly true.. and they think we haven't noticed... plus the whole palm oil thing.. maybe after Brexit a new chocolate factory can be built and we can have propper chocolate again..

  • 18w ago nicole_wassall nicole_wassall

    @autistic_anus.mp9 if enough of us stop buying Cadbury it will.. plus I saw a lady in the supermarket explaining to other customers about the plight of the orangotans and they thanked her and bought the seashell chocolate instead (No palm oil and percentage of profits goes to protect sea horses - cool huh..)

  • 18w ago nicole_wassall nicole_wassall

    @autistic_anus.mp9 that's a little aggressive, are you ok?

  • 18w ago nicole_wassall nicole_wassall

    @ladyofleather worth knowing.. Cadbury Australia/NZ gave in to public pressure.. they have removed palm and vegetable oil and gone back to cocoa butter only recipe ❤️❤️ check out..

  • 13w ago emily.leahx emily.leahx

    roses are grim

  • 8w ago theseenqueen theseenqueen

    After loosing a tooth whilst chewing a half masticated 'milk tray' sweet, I made a complaint on December 27th- still unresolved, and ignoring my now 5th email in a plea for help. Appalling customer service, appalling products, appalling overall general experience. #cadburys

  • 7w ago ahkalbim_36 ahkalbim_36


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