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"Last month I arrived at my hostel in Germany, in the dark. This was the view from the front door. A working slaughterhouse. Pigs hanging from their legs.
Note to self: take cameras everywhere I go. (This photo was taken with my cellphone)
Except for the psithurism, this place was eerily quiet." — Jo


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  • 10w ago concettadavison concettadavison

    Ugh...makes me literally sick to my stomach...😵😢 poor babies

  • 10w ago christinetugwood christinetugwood

    What a horrific sight for you, perhaps your picture here could change the way of tgose who eat meat. Perhaps they could see this horrific image of how perfectly normal and healthy animals are treated and torture all for human consumption; so so cruel and wrong.

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  • 10w ago shannonmcrowder shannonmcrowder

    Nooooooo 💔

  • 10w ago animalsuncovered animalsuncovered

    I'm so suprised they would be so open like that? Are they inviting people to look?

  • 10w ago mirian2424 mirian2424

    This hurts

  • 10w ago juchidaf juchidaf

    Omg this is horrible💔

  • 10w ago haniahimsa haniahimsa

    My heart weeps

  • 10w ago cpegley cpegley

    This is when I wish Instagram had a dislike button. One of my earliest memories is from when I was about 2 years old. Opposite the house we lived in was a meat processing building. The newly slaughtered cows would arrive hanging on meat hooks from the lorries. The headless carcasses would swing back and forth as they were pulled from the lorry and wheeled into the open doors. I watched in morbid fascination each time, feeling disgust, even at that young age. The smell of death hung permanently in the street.

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  • 10w ago mcdbrinegar mcdbrinegar

    Horrible. Beyond words what we humans do to other animals

  • 9w ago michelleminehan michelleminehan

    Horrible 💔

  • 9w ago 1992brunettebombshell 1992brunettebombshell

    This hurts. Proud I’m vegan. Rip pigs

  • 9w ago jaysea999 jaysea999

    A portal into hell.

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    @cpegley 😔

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    Can not imagine how can humans sleep at nigh....

  • 9w ago daevahii daevahii

    @cpegley sounds horrible...😢

  • 9w ago waspcertifiedfails waspcertifiedfails

    I feel really bad for wanting to make a joke about the movie “Hostel” now.

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