Instagram post by @haileylbrady Hailey Lauren

Still recovering from a whirlwind of a weekend😅So happy to share that I took 2nd in Novice and 5th in open in my 2nd and last show of 2018 @npc_illinois Midwest Gladiator ! Of course, the goal is always 1st place, regardless I’m proud and admittedly, relieved to have some time off. Throughout the last few months of my prep I was training through some serious hip pain. This off season I’ll be prioritizing getting my hip healthy before anything else

Thanks to my friends and family for attending, cheering me on, and helping me celebrate post- show

I had the opportunity to meet some teammates and see several of them take home wins / top 5 placings which they were all extremely deserving of❤️💕 looking forward to a strategic improvement season and enjoying the holidays 🙌🏼


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