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Victory gardens started during #WorldWarI, when President Woodrow Wilson called on Americans to plant vegetable gardens to ward off the possible threat of food shortages. Americans took up the challenge as a civic and patriotic duty, turning their yards, school property and vacant lots into vegetable gardens.
Charles Lathrop Pack, head of the National War Garden Commission, coined the term “victory garden” as World War I was nearing its end. More upbeat than “war garden,” the term was so popular that it was used again during World War II, when victory gardeners sprang into action again.
This page, featuring a poster encouraging people to serve through gardening, is from Pack's 1919 book "The War Garden Victorious" in our @silibraries.
Today, our @amhistorymuseum convened more than 60 organizations to share World War I history online. See more at #StoriesOfService.


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