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The NUVOSKIM DC, check out the foam action! Available in Desktop and Midsize.


  • 14w ago gabem357 gabem357

    I'd love to test that product

  • 14w ago izzy5689 izzy5689

    What are the dimensions for the desktop?

  • 14w ago izzy5689 izzy5689

    I wanted to put one on my fluval spec.

  • 14w ago innovative_marine innovative_marine

    @izzy5689 2.3” x 3.8” x 10”

  • 14w ago reefsandleafs reefsandleafs

    I have this skimmer and it does a great job. I've never seen the airline extended out though. Any worry about water possibly siphoning out?

  • 14w ago queenofreef queenofreef


  • 14w ago coralcanuck coralcanuck

    @gabem357 @innovative_marine let them test it out!!

  • 14w ago gabem357 gabem357

    @coralcanuck I dont mind giving it a try. A protein skimmer is a great tool but it would be hard to ruin a system aside from an electrical malfunction where it zaps the whole tank

  • 14w ago innovative_marine innovative_marine

    @reefsandleafs no need to worry because the air intake is above the water line. No chance of it siphoning out.

  • 14w ago jaayyjaayycx jaayyjaayycx

    Does it fit nano cube 24g?

  • 14w ago budgetaquatics budgetaquatics

    Whats the dimensions of this

  • 9w ago reef_addicts_ reef_addicts_

    I don’t recommend this product I have it and I can tell is a garbage No offense I love innovative marine tanks but your skimmer needs work HOB aquamaxx skimmer are best for mid size even sr models

  • 3w ago alexrpolk alexrpolk

    Just purchased this a few days ago, is it supposed to be loud or is there a little bit of a break in period?

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