Instagram post by @otakupup CHEWING THE STRESS AWAY

INKING SPIDER IS THE ONLY THING FUN WITH INKKKK INK IS FOR GOOOORE GYAHAHHAHAHAHAAHA i cant be delicate with ink at alll LOL #otakupup #otachie_ocs #otachie_insects


  • 5w ago d0llypops d0llypops

    This is soo good!!! Also I was wondering if I could use your art style for a different art style challenge. I will give credit! Alright thank you love your work!

  • 5w ago maroonedprincess maroonedprincess

    I'm still curious on his backstory

  • 5w ago lkaos2 lkaos2

    Now this is amazing

  • 5w ago myotpisabsolute myotpisabsolute

    Is it ok if I draw him with one of my OC? (Who is also a spider)

  • 5w ago otakupup otakupup

    @myotpisabsolute OMG HECK YESSSSSSSSSSS

  • 5w ago myotpisabsolute myotpisabsolute

    @otakupup thank you! I think it take a while as I’m still working on his designs.

  • 5w ago ikuyo_lovoe ikuyo_lovoe

    For a second looked like h20 delirious then i looked again, its so cool tho and love ur art to be basic

  • 5w ago sujata_98 sujata_98

    Omggg yessss 😍😍😍😍😍😍 he looks awesome!!!!

  • 5w ago nataly_art_diary nataly_art_diary

    My adorable spider ♥️♥️

  • 5w ago mononoaware.hurt mononoaware.hurt


  • 5w ago yukiko_hime1 yukiko_hime1

    Love mouth lol sewing it up again Rachel (U get the ref to Satsuriku no tenshi) XD

  • 5w ago 111018oof 111018oof

    OmL!! It's AweSoMe! =_= =_=

  • 4w ago infpalex_x infpalex_x

    Add me please

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