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Repost By belinda_vegan: - "HUMANE SLAUGHTER?" How many people say the words "humane slaughter" without any real thought behind it. The words just roll of their tongue without having put any real thought behind it. Let's just say, for the sake of argument that the meat you buy comes from a farm where the cows spend lots of time outside in the open, breathing fresh air and eating grass (even though over 99% of meat comes from factory farms) let's say the cows are happy until the moment of their execution. There is NO humane way to slice an animal's throat open and chop them up into pieces and then eat them. Think about it. I know I wouldn't want to go out like that. How can anything humane come out of a slaughter house? A place of slaughter! Where animals have their throats cut open, their limbs cut off and their bodies hacked to pieces. How far from reality must you be to consider that humane?
Would you consider it humane if it was another animal? Dogs? Horse? Monkey? Dolphin? Giraffe? Elephant or lion? No. So why is it ok to do that to cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and fish? When we were little kids we loved those animals. Sang songs about them and read about them. But as soon as we were able to eat solids those animals were slapped up on a plate in front of us and we were told to eat our dinner.
We have been purposely desensitised from these animals that we once loved, that much is evident even in what we call them, steak, beef, bacon, pork, mutton. Not cow flesh, pig flesh, or sheep flesh. Open your minds for just a few minutes and think about it, try to shake off for a moment what we've had drilled into us without ever questioning any of it and just think... About the animals. The individuals exploited, brutally killed, dismembered and eaten. It's not right and there is no justification for it. GO VEGAN 💚
Embrace Veganism🌱
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