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TFx lights from @inforce01 are a huge improvement over the previous gen! I modified a @thyrm to fit and added some shock cord to one. The spread and throw in these things is excellent! #igmilitia #ar15 #firearm #inforce #alltgelumens #ownthenight #47images


  • 11w ago cdaufenbach cdaufenbach

    Looks great! What did you have to do to mod the thrym to make it fit?

  • 11w ago 47images 47images

    @cdaufenbach it actually fits around the end cap without modification. If you push it down to the last Ridge it will start to rotate but if you pull it up to the bridge before the end it has more tension and works better. The mod I did was just to remove some of the material around where the push button is to make it less recessed

  • 10w ago cdaufenbach cdaufenbach

    @47images awesome, I’ll have to check that out. Thank you!

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