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So...... thirty years ago today I saw @metallica for the first time, and more remarkably I’ve still got the tour programme from that night (do they still do tour programmes?) First time hearing ‘Orion’ in the bike sheds at school, unfortunately too late to witness the Cliff Burton era but made up for it by buying the $5.98 Garage Days re-revisited eps and playing it to death on a wonky charity shop turntable, then came #andjusticeforall and off to the Hammersmith Odeon for quite possibly the best live performance I’ve ever seen. Support came from #danzig .And this was the full stage production.The 10th October 1988 show is apparently included in the deluxe AJFA release but I think I’ll have to wait for someone with more money than me to post it on YouTube. In the meantime feast your eyes on the @rosshalfin pics and #pushead artwork! #ajfa #doris #jasonnewsted #jameshetfield #larsulrich #kirkhammett #hammersmithodeon


  • 9w ago gouldeyecandy gouldeyecandy

    I have that, too! I saw two nights at Irvine Meadows! Where were you?

  • 9w ago stuferofanarchy stuferofanarchy

    @gouldeyecandy Irvine Meadows in Sept 1989? Us lucky Brits got them almost a year before then! 🤘 October 1988 at the Hammersmith Odeon (no sleep til Hammersmith)

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