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I’m taking a pottery class — wheel throwing. I’m terrible at it, but so proud of myself whenever I do anything close to how the teacher explains it’s supposed to be! 💪 I think it’s important to always be learning new skills, to always be a beginner, to always do things that make you uncomfortable. And best of all, today we learned how to fix our pots! I was able to carve my misshapen pot from last week into something cool and much closer to round (last photo). 🎉 Just 5 weeks of class left. It’s going way too fast! #julieloveslearning
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  • 5w ago redrobin106 redrobin106

    Not being able to do this the disadvantages of living in a small town. 😮😧😡

  • 5w ago amemoart amemoart

    I took pottery in graduate school but I have a weird thing about wet hands so stuck with the other means of creating going forward. 😂

  • 5w ago penguinpapers penguinpapers

    Beautiful pots! I tried wheel throwing 30+ years ago and I could not center on the wheel for the life of me! Maybe I should give it another go!

  • 5w ago shellylawsonartpage shellylawsonartpage

    Nice work! I love carving up pieces!

  • 5w ago sarahrakeelia sarahrakeelia

    Your doing really great! Looks centered and for me at least that was the hardest part!

  • 5w ago erin.tepe erin.tepe


  • 5w ago deniselush deniselush

    I want to try pottery so bad!!! I would love for it to be yet another hobby.

  • 5w ago pframebujo pframebujo

    That is awesome! Growing up around SeagroveNC, people work years to even get to the stage of making pottery for others.

  • 5w ago florenceturnour florenceturnour

    I did ceramics for a while when I had time to get dirty and then clean again. I loved it. Best tip ever: put warm water in your bucket.

  • 5w ago angeljournal angeljournal

    Good for u. Looks great!!!

  • 5w ago artescomcores artescomcores

    Very nice

  • 5w ago redtlala redtlala

    Taking pottery classes taught me that as an artist I’m more into surface decor than structure. Every class I take teaches me about myself even if all I learn is I dislike the subject.

  • 5w ago amy_ehm amy_ehm

    Love your expression! 😁

  • 4w ago somethinglisa somethinglisa

    Great job!

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