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COIMBRA is a #city and municipality in #portugal 🇵🇹 . It was the #capital city of the country during the 12th century, and is home of the University of Coimbra, the oldest academic institution in the Portuguese language-speaking world. A #game set in this renowned #studentcity should be a brain burner, right?! What an intricate #puzzle! Hope to revisit soon! #coimbra @eggertspiele #boardgames #boardgame #tabletopgames #gamestagram #gamenight #giochidatavolo #brætspil #juegosdemesa #brettspiel #bordspel #jocsdetaula #bgg #boardgamegeek #university


  • 15w ago atrapadoseneltablero atrapadoseneltablero

    Great game!

  • 15w ago diceandtentacles diceandtentacles

    It looks so good. I want to play!

  • 15w ago nwaddell1974 nwaddell1974

    I enjoyed my play of it. My friend said it replaced Rajas of the Ganges for him but I didn’t think they were similar at all other than the dice. I just like dice games like this where it’s up to you to use the value of the 🎲 strategically.

  • 15w ago mea_gor mea_gor

    So colourful 👍🏻

  • 14w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @nwaddell1974 I also don't really see a similarity 🤔But both are excellent games!

  • 14w ago euroboardgamer euroboardgamer

    Where would you put it heavy wise? Light or medium euro? (My fair guess is its not heavy at all)

  • 14w ago elinejansens elinejansens

    @euroboardgamer The rules aren't hard to learn but I found it VERY thinky. I would categorize it as quite heavy ☺️!

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