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Small gap of time in this video because I had to go looking for a stamp. I’m usually pretty organized, but I just couldn’t find the stamp I was looking for! And I suppose that’s a pretty good segue into talking about stamp storage. ⬇️
I store my stamps in thin plastic boxes that I think are meant for photos. I buy them in the organization/storage aisle @michaelsstores — especially when they’re having a storage sale. 💰
I group the stamps into “icons” “text” and “pattern.” Then I sub-group them and store them in smaller categories like nature (for “icons”) or alphabets (for “text”) or triangle repeats (for “pattern”). Generally speaking, this makes it super easy for me to find what I’m looking for. Most of the time. 😜
Hope that’s helpful!
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  • 10w ago orangespiralarts orangespiralarts

    So awesome @balzerdesigns

  • 10w ago pattyg11 pattyg11

    Loving this video series! It always turns out SO cool!

  • 10w ago amyj117 amyj117

    This is a favorite!

  • 10w ago parusperceptions parusperceptions

    Oh so pretty

  • 10w ago kimc1130 kimc1130


  • 10w ago hotpocket_art hotpocket_art

    Nice print and advice!!

  • 9w ago redtlala redtlala

    I divided my stamps into themes. Holiday, geometric, floral, etc. But learning your divisions makes me think I can use your broad categories to subdivide mine. Like I can take the holiday stamps and subdivide into icons, patterns, and text. You have to base how you organize on how you think 🤔

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