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Cookies for breakfast! An excellent source of sugar and happiness. 😜 Can you tell that I iced these skeleton cats with a purple made from red & blue food coloring? I think this is a great example of how we obsess over our mistakes or shortcomings in the art we make but no one else even notices. Only you know what you originally intended. Other people just see the fabulous result!
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  • 9w ago vesnatanevamiller vesnatanevamiller

    So true..... I see yummy cookies

  • 9w ago amyj117 amyj117

    Goes great with coffee or tea!

  • 9w ago starspics starspics

    Love them! Your caption reminds me of what you said in your podcast (listened late last night) about working in a series--you can learn and grow and implement all the "what if I did this" options.

  • 9w ago somethinglisa somethinglisa

    So true!

  • 9w ago shunting1919 shunting1919

    How cute!

  • 9w ago sttngf sttngf

    These are so cute! The purple gives it a great eerie effect. Black is hard in food coloring. I learned when trying to make a Batman logo for my daughter’s birthday cake many moons ago.

  • 9w ago pdot707 pdot707

    I just watched you cut out some vinyl on a Make it Artsy episode. Your cutting tool didn't look like any I've ever seen. I have a hard time holding an exacto knife due to old arthritic fingers. I would love to know what that was

  • 9w ago trurochick trurochick

    They are awesome!

  • 9w ago katespin katespin

    They look black. I had wondered how you got such a great black. They look yummy.

  • 9w ago callowhillroad callowhillroad these. Super cute

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