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Question: How do you guys feel about fitness content on IG? Would you like to see more? Should I just keep it in my stories? Let me know if you like it or what you’d like to see. Tips? Crazy routines? Motivational stuff? Shut up Leo we hate it? -
Anyway, just making some real progress and fitness is becoming a big part of my life so I thought I’d ask. Here are three photos so the haters can’t say it photoshop. Focusing on the big 3 with @thelmmcp: Bench, Squats, and Deadlifts with the runners up being pull-ups and various core exercises.
Make your goals bigger than your excuses. -
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  • 28w ago blairbitchcraft blairbitchcraft

    You are a natural Gustan

  • 28w ago joey.hoult joey.hoult

    I'd like to see more 👌🏻 stuff like this motivates me tbh

  • 28w ago rayanneth rayanneth

    Don’t really like fitness content. Not my cup of tea 🤷🏽‍♀️ but it’s your instagram haha

  • 28w ago stormborn1986 stormborn1986

    Keep it coming! I have a bunch of cosplay friends that also all workout together, we love seeing other people like you with similar interests share their journey! It’s inspiring and motivating!

  • 28w ago rockabilly_rebel rockabilly_rebel

    Swole is the goal. Size is the prize. Its gains o'clock.

  • 28w ago brandonsuperbia brandonsuperbia

    Nice! I’d be wildly into supplements and recommended exercises .

  • 28w ago brookgonzalezz brookgonzalezz

    Oh, Leo. We want MORE. 😍😍

  • 28w ago relucentheart relucentheart

    I would love tips, work out plans, anything! I want to get into shape badly but I don't even know how or where to start. <3

  • 28w ago nerdplusnomad nerdplusnomad

    Came for the cosplay and Disney, stayed for your awesomeness. Since I'm trying to be a healthier person myself, you've been motivating me to work harder. 😊

  • 28w ago alovelygemini alovelygemini

    Hubby just saw me looking at your pic and was like, WHO IS THAT?!?! Hahahahah I just said “hubby he is the AP song guy” I always play on my way to Disneyland once a week

  • 28w ago andrewjalandy andrewjalandy

    Keep doing it, man! Seeing your progress has been helpful in my own motivations to get stronger and leaner!

  • 28w ago mrleozombie mrleozombie

    @andrewjalandy that’s good to hear! Proud of your progress as well. Keep going.

  • 28w ago autumndertadian autumndertadian

    I'm extremely motivated by fitness content. I've been gyming daily and tend to look up some fitspo in between sets and on breaks. I would love if you posted videos on story or your timeline showing workouts and nutrition.💪

  • 28w ago mrleozombie mrleozombie

    @autumndertadian I do post work outs in my stories. More accurately I show some unique workouts. I’ll expand on all this stuff tho.

  • 28w ago marcossergiop marcossergiop

    I'm training too, seeing results motivate me keep going!

  • 28w ago mrleozombie mrleozombie

    @alovelygemini was he jealous or impressed?

  • 28w ago mrleozombie mrleozombie

    @nerdplusnomad 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • 28w ago stupidsprinkle stupidsprinkle

    Bring on the fitness content!

  • 28w ago ggmattb ggmattb

    Damn, dude! Great progress!

  • 28w ago happilyeverafterdreams happilyeverafterdreams

    Kinda reminds me of Prince Eric

  • 28w ago straight_fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa straight_fiyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Wow you look shredded meaning buff

  • 28w ago disneyitgirl disneyitgirl

    I think it's great I used to have fitness on my page then I went on a 3 year hiatus working out haha. And now im back into the game. And it's great motivation to be our best selves. :) love seeing you and Sarah's workouts. Keep it up

  • 28w ago carlitoscolon88 carlitoscolon88

    Keep it up! I don't mind seeing this! Lol 😍

  • 28w ago tanyadahl tanyadahl

    I love seeing your progress! It’s super motivating!

  • 28w ago effervescencemd effervescencemd

    The guy you tagged is in bodyweight! That's brilliant. I'd like nutrition tips.

  • 28w ago mrleozombie mrleozombie

    @effervescencemd what do you mean he’s in bodyweight?

  • 28w ago harleyplays harleyplays

    Oil that body up bro

  • 28w ago effervescencemd effervescencemd

    @mrleozombie Haha, sorry, sleep-typing. I meant he practices bodyweight fitness. [Like saying someone's "in" Taekwondo instead of "practicing martial arts".

  • 28w ago effervescencemd effervescencemd

    @mrleozombie but, I totally started bodyweight fitness recently. So, any workout tips would be great, too. ^____^

  • 28w ago mrleozombie mrleozombie

    @effervescencemd you know I’m the guy in the picture, right?

  • 28w ago effervescencemd effervescencemd

    @mrleozombie No shit xD. I was referring to the account you tagged in your caption.

  • 27w ago boyd_snaps boyd_snaps

    Kicking ass Leo!

  • 27w ago prezzy96 prezzy96


  • 26w ago thiago.limagoes thiago.limagoes

    @mrleozombie sexy body!

  • 24w ago martinjohnclevett martinjohnclevett

    @effervescencemd bit rude.

  • 24w ago effervescencemd effervescencemd

    @martinjohnclevett it's really not, "the guy you tagged" should (I hope) have made sense. People don't generally tag themselves in their own posts.

  • 20w ago nosuchemail321 nosuchemail321

    I definitely like your shirtless pics. More of that please. 😂

  • 18w ago v.ictor15 v.ictor15

    @fernandaschmolz acho q já te vi de algum lugar 😂😂😂 vc me parece tão familiar ❤️

  • 17w ago poninator poninator

    Bring duct tape. He's ripped.

  • 13w ago faith_fey faith_fey

    I want to be your #ariel 🤤🤤🤤❤

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