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H O M E is the essence Of Love
L O V E, the essence of home
both an arm of the vine
Intertwined, never alone.
It is funny I love so much that it brings me into a depression. Anytime I create a quiet moment for myself to ask why I feel helpless it is because Of Love, funny enough. I try to compartmentalize my love- this love, that love. His love, her love, its love. But it is this love; that love; His love; her love; its love- all one in the same. It's all from the same divine overflow and there is no containing a wild spring. My heart is cleansed naturally if I allow it to be, because there is SO much to love in everything I can see and be. If you ever feel trapped in this dance to "understand" and "categorize" your love. Remember, it is all a beautiful wash of divine spirit and cannot be contained, only appreciated ♡ ♡ Have a beautiful day ♡

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