Instagram post by @balzerdesigns Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

My hand hurts. πŸ˜• The colored pencil looks great but I am apparently too wimpy to handle it. 😜 Same stamp for the third day in a row, but a totally new print! πŸ’ͺ
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  • 5w ago ellejack01 ellejack01

    beautiful. it can hang on the wall.

  • 5w ago artescomcores artescomcores

    The hand made stamps are always great!!!!

  • 5w ago christymcp christymcp

    Love your stamp stuff. You make it look so easy.

  • 5w ago sleepypt sleepypt

    Ohhhh.... This one is my favorite!

  • 5w ago peepsandfur peepsandfur

    You should make fabrics, your designs are so unique and I can't believe how much you accomplish.

  • 5w ago mcdenis1961 mcdenis1961

    Love this 😍

  • 5w ago florenceturnour florenceturnour

    So great, Julie. My hand hurts when I use colored pencil like that too. Maybe we are gripping too tight. Lol we need to un-get-a-grip.

  • 5w ago hopwala hopwala

    Do you have any tutorials on carving stamps? I LOVE your stamps!

  • 5w ago jdurla jdurla


  • 5w ago angeljournal angeljournal

    I love your stamps.

  • 5w ago unarcobalenodicreazioni unarcobalenodicreazioni

    Beautiful ❣️

  • 4w ago eska_arthouse eska_arthouse


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