Instagram post by @millie_and_beau Hayley Brydon

Cloth Shot a day #6 Alternate: The best thing about OSFM is being able to alternate between a tiny baby and a big baby without having to buy different nappies! #designerbums #getintocloth #clothshotaday2018 #kiwiferns #mylittlekiwis @australiannappyassociation @designerbums_mcn


  • 9w ago _dylan_does _dylan_does

    I’m glad my child isn’t the only one with bruises and scratches 😂

  • 9w ago millie_and_beau millie_and_beau

    @_dylan_does hahaha Millie’s are terrible!! She has eczema and scratches her legs all the time 😑 as for the bruises that’s just her being rough as guts 😂

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