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what’s on ur mind? comment below anything you want to talk about. I’m feeling balance, like true balance for the first time in awhile. I’ve gone thru a lot the last few years and it feels good to come out on the other side stronger and healthier than before. whats good with u?


  • 6w ago brichroberts brichroberts

    @brichroberts so much***

  • 6w ago curt curt

    tryin to get to dat balance πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ🏼

  • 6w ago dankassmarc dankassmarc


  • 6w ago ally_lambchopzzz ally_lambchopzzz

    Native Chicagoan here - I love how hard you rep our city and I’ve loved following your journey. I always hope to run into you and your fam somewhere, haha. Your music was among the first my brother and I truly connected with. He passed a few years ago, but I’ll always remember listening to floss in his apartment πŸ’• it’s been a really tough 4 years without him.. trying to find that balance, too. much love to you

  • 6w ago category_5_plurricane category_5_plurricane

    Okay but realistically speaking can we summon a promoter to get you b2b @atrak b2b @edbanger ...the universe would explode but if its gonna happen thats the way it should go out

  • 6w ago love_and_bass_co love_and_bass_co


  • 6w ago djwifimami djwifimami

    i have so many passions: art, music, visuals/stage design, programming. im a jack of all trades but master of none. i know i should focus on one thing to keep me motivated to put more dedication in one area n less overwhelmed by the different things i *could* be doing, but its stressful. any tips on keeping your ambitions strong when the world we live in is so overwhelming? i just want to create and leave an impact on myself and others.

  • 6w ago yehme2 yehme2

    @ally_lambchopzzz thank u for sharing that and im glad my music has played such a positive role in your life. chi 4 life

  • 6w ago yehme2 yehme2

    @andrew_tepperz I keep my friends and fam close and try not to get lost in the sauce

  • 6w ago yehme2 yehme2

    @djpourmor πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  • 6w ago yehme2 yehme2

    @jacobleawesome meditation

  • 6w ago pierreplayfair pierreplayfair

    just wanna thank you for the original don remix. that was life changing for trap/edm πŸ’•.

  • 6w ago teavaso teavaso

    πŸ€ πŸƒ πŸ’š 🌿

  • 6w ago duhitschris duhitschris

    Saturday are for the boyz!

  • 6w ago dankflamingos dankflamingos

    How you get over people cringing when you say your partners a musician and being like dafuq m8 cause they project my work life onto him for some reason

  • 6w ago beast_m16 beast_m16

    I too have been working hard on myself to overcome crippling depression and other mental health issues. It takes a conscious effort everyday to be your best self. Much love G.

  • 6w ago modifiedaries modifiedaries

    I’m trying so hard to not let stress and anger absorb me. I’ve tried meditation and I can’t do it. Is there anything besides meditation you recommend? #HDYGIRL

  • 6w ago yehme2 yehme2

    @modifiedaries meds and therapy

  • 6w ago yehme2 yehme2

    @dankflamingos interesting point. I never thought about it from that perspective. in the end of the day tho, fuck em. those ppl will talk shit before your success, and after. let em hate

  • 6w ago modifiedaries modifiedaries

    @yehme2 working on that part my guy.

  • 6w ago lundberg.trevor lundberg.trevor

    @modifiedaries why can't you do it? Don't tell yourself short! Try different methods of meditation!

  • 6w ago lundberg.trevor lundberg.trevor

    @lundberg.trevor sell yourself*

  • 6w ago dakota_buroker dakota_buroker

    recently I was feeling back on top of the world, new job, new house, single from all negative people and energy until yesterday I found out my grandpa died. What do you do when in such a low place to get creative in the studio? It’s my only place to let go.. thanks manπŸ™

  • 6w ago modifiedaries modifiedaries

    @lundberg.trevor I mean I’m trying as hard as I can. I’m scared of therapy to be honest.

  • 6w ago skatemartyr skatemartyr

    I feel like I’m on that same come up. Not exactly 100% balanced but humble and working hard.

  • 6w ago doctorriddim doctorriddim


  • 6w ago truefluid truefluid

    trap dad

  • 6w ago mvrkk_music mvrkk_music

    Plaid...plaid’s on my mind fam 🀘🏽

  • 6w ago thejackcronin thejackcronin

    Outfit looks like a couch in an old lake house, or a picnic cloth. V retro. V cool

  • 6w ago titochingonito titochingonito

    Straight edge vegan except for weed 🀘🏾

  • 6w ago stylewithrosiee stylewithrosiee

    YES TO THIS!!!

  • 5w ago k_ritchh k_ritchh

    Just want to say I aspire to have the relationship you and Liz have❀ such pure love

  • 5w ago stephen_wanders stephen_wanders

    How do you balance Home life and travel? I travel for work and my wife works nights as a nurse. Any recommendations?

  • 5w ago daileeeeen daileeeeen

    Learning how to say no has been the hardest but most rewarding thing I’ve practiced since last summer. Also being intentional with everything I do β€” making sure my health, mind and spirit are well fed so in turn can be well led. (Would love to meet you and your main lady one day both seem so humble) !!!!

  • 5w ago mikejvanbavel mikejvanbavel

    @cmrn_hemi 🐐

  • 2w ago phill_pickles phill_pickles

    @yehme2 πŸ™πŸ™ he ain lyin @rickyxsan God Bless You

  • 2w ago phill_pickles phill_pickles

    @modifiedaries one idea is that stress and anger will continue to be present until you understand (the root of) what you are stressed and angry about. I felt that same way for a while because I wasn't asking myself the right questions and being truly honest. Part of moving on can be making yourself open to a truth you never expected. I hope that helps and just know we all here for you, stay strong sisπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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