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One of the big differences between #carvedecember — my annual carve a stamp every day challenge — and #printinktober — this month’s challenge to create a print every day — is that you can use the same stamp day after day. Today, I’m using the same stamp that I used yesterday. But, I think you’ll agree, the print is very different. And that’s a super fun thing to explore! How can you use a single image in different ways?! 🤔
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  • 10w ago yoe.lia_ yoe.lia_

    aaahhhh ... okay.

  • 10w ago craftivatect craftivatect

    Loving this stamp! It’s giving me life today!

  • 10w ago janecobb123 janecobb123

    Love it, Julie!

  • 10w ago lucy.breeden lucy.breeden

    I love your stamps!

  • 10w ago freesprout33 freesprout33

    I am amazed at how trying these different ideas and they all come out looking great! I mean, I shouldn't be surprised b/c you are such a strong artist, but honest question - is there any prototyping that's done before the camera is turned on?

  • 10w ago balzerdesigns balzerdesigns

    @freesprout33 Nope. The “prototyping” is making art every day for the last six years.

  • 10w ago freesprout33 freesprout33

    @balzerdesigns Thank you for getting back to me! And I love your answer - inspiring, as always!

  • 10w ago lori2walker lori2walker

    You are the Queen 👑

  • 10w ago jill.scrap jill.scrap


  • 10w ago angeljournal angeljournal

    Really nice!!!!! 😍

  • 10w ago angeljournal angeljournal

    Your book got me into stamp carving.Thank u!!!!

  • 10w ago hueman_prints hueman_prints


  • 10w ago sweetpastrypam sweetpastrypam

    Mesmerized!! The colors are beautiful! Love your work!💕

  • 10w ago imacraftermysisterstheartist imacraftermysisterstheartist

    After saying I would never take up stamp carving, I’ve decided to take your class. I did a linocut on real soft rubber of art marks in an @jeanneoliver class recently and I think I’m ready. Everyone else actually carved nice drawings but I don’t draw!

  • 10w ago parusperceptions parusperceptions


  • 9w ago infinite.artwork infinite.artwork

    Wow love it!!🧡🧚‍♀️Check out my page too!:))💛

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