Instagram post by @helzhair Melissa Helzer

“Last time I came in, you gave me the best haircut I have received in over 20 years!” -Sharron. Now, let me give you a quick back story on her. She went to beauty school in 1966. She was very specific on how she wanted her hair cut and let me know every step of the way exactly how she wanted it done. What she never knew was that was my very first week out on the floor taking clients. So to hear that I had given her the best hair cut she received in two decades, and I did it in my first week out on the floor!!!!, gave me the most confidence today as I was about to cut her hair for the second time! Now it’s been about five months or so and I’ve perfected my techniques. I didn’t have to stop and ask for help, not once! And she didn’t have to walk me through her haircut! She said I have perfected it and is a forever client now! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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