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#WorldAnimalDay - The way we live alongside animals is changing - there is so much cause for hope! The hard efforts of organizations and individuals around the globe are giving animals a chance. Through the work of organisations such as the @nonhuman.rights.project, @animallegaldefensefund, @animaljustice_ and others, legal protections and rights for animals have never been closer. Global popular movements are causing us to rethink the use of animals in entertainment, for fur, and in cosmetics testing. And veganism is the fastest growing social movement in the world, with plant-based options and clean meats becoming major players in how we think about and choose our foods.
At the heart of this progress is the animals themselves. Animals like @estherthewonderpig, the internet star and incredible ambassador for all animals, who has taught her dads and many others around the world that the animals suffering in the prisons we make for them are beings capable of great love, and deserving of a much better life. These animals are showing us how things could be different.
📷: Esther the Wonder Pig. Canada, 2014.
Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals



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