Instagram post by @aviatoruk Adam Loader

This Dornier DO28 was yet another highlight of Saturday


  • 14w ago autocarian autocarian

    Technically a Do28, not a Skyservant. The Skyservant is larger....

  • 14w ago s1mp1l0t s1mp1l0t

    That has to be the corniest engine configuration in the history of aviation.

  • 14w ago s1mp1l0t s1mp1l0t

    Meant to say dorky but my phone autocorrected to corny and I'm not even mad

  • 14w ago aviatoruk aviatoruk

    @s1mp1l0t I'll agree there! It's a weird looking machine, the wings look like an after thought!

  • 14w ago s1mp1l0t s1mp1l0t

    It could have made a really nice biplane too if they kept the top one and just added on onto the engines

  • 14w ago mark_xs_thespot mark_xs_thespot

    Very strange....yet very cool.

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