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Repost By belinda_vegan: Meat, dairy and eggs begin with the killing of little babies. Piglets who become sick in their filthy living conditions or who simple are not growing quickly enough to be profitable are either put into gassing boxes and painfully gassed to death with carbon dioxide or they are killed by blunt force trauma, lifted by their hind legs and slammed head first into concrete floors, left convulsing, slowly dying in agony. Male chicks in the egg industry are waste products because they will never produce eggs and will not grow fast enough for meat to be profitable, so they are either dropped into grinding machines and ground up alive or are thrown into garbage bags and suffocated, at just a day old. Male calves are also waste products, because they will never produce milk these babies are ripped from their mothers' side and are either killed immediately or sold to veal farmers. Sometimes at auction, barely able to stand and many with their umbilical cords still attached. They will spend the next 4-6 months in veal crates purposely designed to be so small that they are denied exercise and normal muscle growth so their meat will be tender. They are then hoisted upside down, commonly while conscious (as seen here) and their throats are cut. This baby isn't even dead before they start dismembering him. This is why vegetarian is not enough. Vegetarianism should only ever be a bus stop to Veganism. Don't pay for this.
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