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Happy birthday to someone whose reaction to every action of mine matters to me the most. To someone whose opinion for every step I am taking matters the most. To someone whose advice when I am bothered and clueless matters the most. To someone was clearly born to be my sibling but then up there they decided, one will be Sony Plus, one will be Set Max. To all our evenings listening to songs from 90s, to teasing @janaki.viswanathan, to the jokes on the group, to finding right songs and gifs for situations, for scavenging people’s posts on social media and laughing at them, to the shows we have done together, to holidays we have done together, to good times and bad. To one of the most skilled writers of our times, that I feel I have to learn from, to my loveliest Kamli! I love you more than you love Chinese food, more than Janaki loves MAMI, more than Shivani loves a drink and more the Mukta loves Apple products! Blessed to have you in my life! .
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  • 5w ago nikitadhond nikitadhond

    😂😂😂😂 I love you more than Chinese food but less than Thailand 🤗 hegde

  • 5w ago shivani_n_cody shivani_n_cody

    @nikitadhond tera post mere post se bada kyon 🤣🤣🤣 Hegde

  • 5w ago nikitadhond nikitadhond

    @shivani_n_cody hahahahaha! Size ke hisaab se hai

  • 5w ago mlkonatinoal mlkonatinoal

    Very very beautiful post ♥♥♥♥♥ I wish her a very Happy Birthday, Hope her sweet dreams come true very soon

  • 5w ago __interludes__ __interludes__

    Your caption are always beautiful!! 👌👌😍😍. Happy birthday to her... Wishing her a great great year ahead..!! @hegdeg

  • 5w ago malu_sirur malu_sirur

    Great pic! Happy birthdayyy!

  • 5w ago pr.iya211 pr.iya211


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