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These are the nights
Our happy ever after
And these city lights
Will capture our laughter
And this is my life
It won’t come after
I want this forever
This moment will never die
Just like a symphony
You’re coming back to me
Just like a symphony
You can play for me tonight
She wanna know where the hell I’ve been I’m tryin’ to pour up and settle in The loud that she rolled smelled like peppermint That's when I told her I need her like medicine I’m sippin’ codeine I can’t fall asleep I turn on my phone look who's callin’ me You already know it’s a money ting Yeah shit it better be
I put these bands in the safe I’m about to skate on a plane Lord knows
I’ve seen things
Got me movin’ away
Trust me I’m not tryin’ to deal with the pain I do what I gotta do
I make what I gotta make
Yeah they try to keep me down to the ground But I'm trying to levitate
Where you been late again
Look at the time it’s irrelevant Sent the text saw the pics
Look at my eyes why you lying Living in sin juice with the gin Had my cup filled to the rim
Again and again she brought a friend
They’re wearing nothing but skin
All I know is you looking for it
All I know is you gonna get it
All I know is you looking for it
All I know is you gonna get it
Girl I know you into me
Drive Porsches out in Italy
Chop the top off like a guillotine
Life is Gucci but it’s killing me
Stretch the work out like a limousine
I'm ‘bout to blow
Is u lit or wut
Girl you’re like a symphony
I want to know
Keep it real with you
Is you gonna keep it real with me
I don’t see nothing wrong oh no
When she twerk and she drop it down so low The way we pop them bottles for so long In the studio she know the whole song Take your chick from Switzerland to Florida Killed the kitty now she need a coroner Made a killin’ dealin’ with the foreigners I'm so lit I forgot what the chorus was

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