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Here’s to all the late bloomers... especially goldenrod, Solidago spp. Goldenrod pops up in early spring and has slow and steady growth through the spring and summer watching all its other flower friends bloom and go to seed while it is still reaching its peak . Finally it is blooming in all its glory! Goldenrod is a wonderful remedy for UTI’s, and as a upper respiratory tonic. It can be taken as a tincture, tea or syrup and has a great pleasant taste. It has also been used topically as a first aid treatment for burns , bee stings and sores. I love it because it gives encouragement for those of us who are the ‘late bloomers’. I’ve been in an herbalism course with herbalist Lise Wolff since January and as it nears the end of the growing season I am feeling like this gorgeous golden fall bloom. If you are interested in knowing more about this course go to to learn about her 2019 course . It is life-changing! #latebloomers #latebloomer #goldenrod #soledago #aster #fallflowers #autumnblooms #herbalmedicine #flowermedicine

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