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Karin Housley compared #MichelleObama to a chimp in 2009. Now she wants to be on the US Senate. Full story on site [link in bio]


  • 4w ago uschattanooga uschattanooga


  • 4w ago lvsmp37 lvsmp37

    This is more than disrespectful. Is disturbing, vulgar and unacceptable on every level.

  • 4w ago etenal_summer_reign etenal_summer_reign


  • 4w ago diva_mariposa diva_mariposa

    I'm so sick of this crap....maybe we should start using derogatory words about them. Not, because I believe when they go low, we go high. But the Dems do need to show some backbone if we're to win the house next month.

  • 4w ago bowtieshemisharleys bowtieshemisharleys

    He needs his ass whipped

  • 4w ago liltoni_colbert liltoni_colbert


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