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Three years after starting my journey into Triathlons I have finally completed a 70.3 distance! A former colleague was doing IronMan Races that got me thinking about it and I decided to take the plunge and Tri. 😉 I now know what to expect for each discipline and will make some adjustments for my half IronMan in Waco next month.
I have also completed the Texas Tri Series which includes The Rookie Tri, CapTexTri, Jack’s Generic, and The Kerrville Tri. I was finally able to complete the series this year, a personal goal I set.
I have been blessed to have such a great coach and an amazing and supportive tri team at Life Time! It is always enjoyable seeing and working with so many dedicated and like-minded people so early in the morning 4-5 days a week.
I look forward to finishing out my third year of Triathlons with the Half IronMan in Waco next month.
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