Instagram post by @anneerapp Anne Rapp

Added an element to my favorite vegetarian dinner tonight: cannellini beans! Added some nice substance. #vegetarian #sundaysupper #yum


  • 15w ago geoffrey214 geoffrey214

    That looks great

  • 15w ago troeger27 troeger27

    That looks fantastic....recipe?

  • 15w ago anneerapp anneerapp

    @troeger27 just a carton of sliced baby Bellas sautéed with some evoo and butter with kale, garlic and cannellini beans, a little dried thyme and s + p to taste. Topped with chèvre! 😊

  • 15w ago anneerapp anneerapp

    @troeger27 plus some pine nuts!

  • 15w ago troeger27 troeger27

    @anneerapp that looks fantastic & so easy to make!!!

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