Instagram post by @brooks_and_acalia Brooks and Cali 🐾❤️


  • 10w ago kratos_gsd kratos_gsd

    Niceeee! Greetings from other side of the world 😊

  • 10w ago thenordicdogmom thenordicdogmom

    I really need to bring Clover and Bella out! 😫

  • 10w ago brooks_and_acalia brooks_and_acalia

    @thenordicdogmom yes!! I can’t wait to see how big clover has got and meet Bella! We’ll probably stay out of the water places for now - we just did the soresto collar for the first time after baths today and it says it can be less effective if they’re swimming often or getting bathed a lot

  • 10w ago brooks_and_acalia brooks_and_acalia

    @kratos_gsd hi there!! ☺️

  • 10w ago thenordicdogmom thenordicdogmom

    @brooks_and_acalia darn because I’m taking clover to Mugrage tomorrow and she really hasn’t grown much Cali might be even bigger then her lol

  • 10w ago brooks_and_acalia brooks_and_acalia

    @thenordicdogmom oh shoot! Maybe we can get together soon and take the dogs on a hike?!

  • 8w ago daily.paws daily.paws

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