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  • 3w ago arsenalarrival arsenalarrival

    No one cares about Carl he never will play

  • 3w ago shahrukhm.hasni shahrukhm.hasni

    Good News

  • 3w ago namesake9gag namesake9gag

    Is jenkinson still in arsenal..

  • 3w ago garethbrook7 garethbrook7

    Fuck me we’re saved thank fuck @arsenalstudio

  • 3w ago suuuuaad suuuuaad

    Nooo kolasinc

  • 3w ago j.jutsu j.jutsu

    Jenkinson been training for years but aint ever play

  • 3w ago cms_f14 cms_f14

    Why does Jenkinson even exist? (As an Arsenal player)

  • 3w ago luistxitxi luistxitxi

    Thats fantastic news

  • 3w ago mamaareza mamaareza

    Play Carl once

  • 3w ago shashvatb shashvatb

    How is jenkinson still an arsenal player?

  • 3w ago tarif.sepetim tarif.sepetim

    En Kolay ve En Leziz Yemek Tarifleri icin Sayfama Beklerim ❤️ @tarif.sepetim

  • 3w ago papajulietbravo papajulietbravo

    Jenkinson might be an Arsenal fan, but then again so have I been for the last 20+ years, the difference is, I know I am not good enough to play football, let alone play for Arsenal. Do your career a favour and leave for christ sake!

  • 3w ago cpitoz cpitoz

    Jenko is a great squad player. Probably super cheap and he’s been surrounded by high level players his whole time at Arsenal. If nothing at all, he is great for the practice squad.


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