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My daughter did an emergency undies shop after the 'oversize' undies I pre-bought turned out to be way, way too tight. I knew about the scars on the tummy to avoid putting pressure on but forgot how swollen the tummy would be. Saffy found a bargain 5pk reduced to $6 in size 24. They are huge compared to my regular size 16 & won't be needed for too long but post surgery comfort is important! Really important 😌
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  • 11w ago minimalist.lookbook minimalist.lookbook

    We Used those disposable ones.

  • 11w ago cats_n_baby cats_n_baby

    Yep I've stocked up size 22-24 as well, belly will still be swollen

  • 11w ago krsgirls krsgirls

    Men’s undies are good as they have extra room in the front

  • 11w ago endorphine_dressing endorphine_dressing

    Any tips? Im having a hysto in dec! How long were you in hospital?

  • 11w ago arajanereading arajanereading

    You can also put a pad over you're scars. That's what I did with my c section scars. And hooray for over size undies! They are the best when you need them for comfort. Rest up and speedy recovery. Both you feel great again soon

  • 11w ago bron.lahrs bron.lahrs

    What did you have done?

  • 11w ago mane_reedie mane_reedie

    Comfort & a bargain too 😊

  • 11w ago money_meals_me money_meals_me

    @bron.lahrs a hysterectomy

  • 11w ago money_meals_me money_meals_me

    @endorphine_dressing 2 nights in hospital. I used all the hospital supplies and clothing that was offered to keep mine until needed. Allow yourself to rest. I organised meals before hand with church friends and I got the family on board to help out as much as possible. I really wish I'd bought an extended grip handle thingy to get stuff off the floor but the kids are helping at the moment. I'll get hubby to get one this week though. Goodluck with your prep & procedure 💗

  • 11w ago money_meals_me money_meals_me

    @arajanereading I'll try that one on the sore spot on my tummy. Thanks x

  • 11w ago money_meals_me money_meals_me

    @cats_n_nails it's definitely better in the big ones!

  • 11w ago money_meals_me money_meals_me

    @krsgirls didn't think of that! Thank you

  • 11w ago dealstarsnet dealstarsnet

    Nice @dealstarsnet

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