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Yesterday I had my first ever female captain on a commercial operation. We are still such a minority in this industry and people’s response when I say I am a pilot is still usually followed by “ wow, you don’t get many girl pilots”. Why do you think this still is? 👩🏻‍✈️
A great day out with @flydebi full of fun and laughter, I just wish in 2018 people wouldn’t look at us in such surprise when they look in the flight deck to see two females. 👩🏻‍✈️👩🏻‍✈️ #femalepilot#thefemalepilot#pilot#office#myoffice#myview#boeing#737#737ng#flying#bestjobever#lovemyjob#avgeek#avdaily#aviation#pilotlife#737800#piloteyes#instaplane#aircraft#planeporn#picoftheday#crewlife#crew#instaaviation#aviationgeek#femalecrew#womeninaviation#unmanned#flynorwegian


  • 25w ago ashik_cr ashik_cr

    @flydebi ✈😍😍

  • 25w ago pilot_knowledge pilot_knowledge

    I would feel extremely comfortable on that flight!

  • 25w ago andrew.ransom.10 andrew.ransom.10

    Fantastic it's great to see you gals in the office

  • 25w ago abuendia222 abuendia222

    Great to hear that and congrats for you and all female pilots ⚘⚘😍😍😚😚

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    Good job 👍👍👍

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  • 25w ago thefemalepilot thefemalepilot

    @laurasivers haha me too

  • 25w ago tommy_j_langridge tommy_j_langridge

    Whooooo girl power

  • 25w ago joshua_ll_saint_leger joshua_ll_saint_leger

    👏 BRAVO 👏 😎✌

  • 25w ago marcosandone marcosandone

    Congratulations to both, you look very happy. 😃

    You inspire many people to fight for their dreams ❤️

  • 25w ago christianedash christianedash

    So awesome! 🌟💫❤️

  • 25w ago tonyhallworth tonyhallworth

    Great picture. Wish I was a passenger on your aircraft.

  • 25w ago wallisfae_ wallisfae_

    This is fab! 💗

  • 25w ago thefemalepilot thefemalepilot

    @marcosandone that’s my hopes!

  • 25w ago mikercflyer mikercflyer

    I would like my next flight to be an all female crew that would be awesome.

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  • 25w ago bee2b_pilots bee2b_pilots

    Great profile! You should become a member of our network!

  • 25w ago chriscowley chriscowley

    I’m not disagreeing, but surely positive discrimination in recruitment to get more females into flying, like easyJet and flybe are doing, isn’t good? If 2 people went for a job and the man had aced his training and a woman had mediocre results, surely the man should get the job? Women are getting flying jobs just for being women at the moment, I think that’s wrong. #justmyopinion #notbeingsexist

  • 25w ago petersonedwin petersonedwin

    NOT a minority for long. I'm wishing my two Granddaughters will one day be pilots. One lives in West Virgina, and her trips here to Hawaii have peeked her intrest, so Grandpa is hopeful.

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  • 25w ago theblondepilot theblondepilot

    Beauties 😍😍

  • 25w ago thefemalepilot thefemalepilot

    @petersonedwin wishing them all the luck achieving their dreams

  • 25w ago thefemalepilot thefemalepilot

    @chriscowley hello Chris. I have to say I don’t quite agree. EasyJet and Flybe are using their campaigns to encourage females to train and get into the industry. However, I don’t have my job because I am female, I have it because I passed the same set of gruelling exams my male colleagues did. I have committed the same amount of dedication and time that they have. They are encouraging women to enter the industry but if you don’t make the grade you don’t get the job.
    I don’t believe in positive discrimination but I do believe in encouraging females out there to be whatever job they want that we don’t “traditionally” do. I equally would like to think my message can encourage men to be what they maybe “traditionally” aren’t... in my opinion for 2018 to still only have 3% of pilots as women is a very low figure. I want to inspire girls to not be turned off from training because they are female, a wife, a mother etc as this shouldn’t stop reaching for your dreams.
    I believe if positive discrimination was such a huge issue in this industry sponsorships programs would be full of women only and they aren’t. You pass these stages through merit not gender.

  • 25w ago manfa214 manfa214

    @thefemalepilot I had my first ever trip with Norwegian a few weeks back with a female first officer. This photo is amazing, and as I said to @flydebi in a previous post, I love it that women are now smashing it in jobs which are still predominantly male orientated. My job is the same but although there are more women in my profession than yours, we are still in the minority and I love it that we are out there, wearing our uniforms with pride, doing what were always seen as ''a man's job" 👏👏👏👏

  • 25w ago chriscowley chriscowley

    @thefemalepilot I never said you didn’t work as hard as everyone else. I know of an airline that is offering a full scholarship to a female, that is positive discrimination in my eyes. That is giving someone an opportunity based on gender before they have a chance to prove their merit. Can you imagine if an airline advertised a job just for men? Why should it be different in this day and age? Gender equality is exactly that, equality. Equal opportunities for men and women.

  • 25w ago cristina_mo_rome cristina_mo_rome

    I've heard at TV today the female pilots are only the 5 % !! 😥

  • 25w ago thefemalepilot thefemalepilot

    @cristina_mo_rome oh really. Is that the latest statistic... very low isn’t it

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  • 22w ago john_in_portland_oregon john_in_portland_oregon

    I think that people may look at women pilots differently just because our brains have been trained to believe that it’s a mans career. I think it’s awesome, and that overall women will raise the bar and help keep the sky’s safe and moving forward. 👍✈️

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  • 19w ago andrew.cullum.5454 andrew.cullum.5454

    Yeah, I think it's because it's still a chauvinistic industry!

  • 19w ago andrew.cullum.5454 andrew.cullum.5454

    My friend Joanna Biedermann only just got Captain about 8 months ago, and she is a VERY capable pilot!!!!

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    Красавицы! 👍💖

  • 10w ago bugzy_aviation bugzy_aviation

    Fair play to you both.

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