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These last two days I’ve had this crazy energy! It’s like I want to do all the things and take a nap while drinking coffee! 😂 Is there something going on with the moons/planets?! Do you pay attention to this stuff and if you do .. do you have any cool apps I should know about? -
Also, I can tell it’ll be a BIG handstand practice today and tonight I’m going to my first Oktoberfest! 🍻 (Random, I know .. I blame the crazy energy 🤪)


  • 7w ago jessica_sottong jessica_sottong

    I don't know much about this astro stuff, but i have a nice app called"planets". I guess you and your little ones will have some fun with that. Especially the 3D Sky in the evening or at night. There are sadly no more facts in the app, this option vanished, but it's still interesting. The 3D Sky shows you the constellations with names when you point your advice at the sky

  • 7w ago margret_narayan_k margret_narayan_k

    I Love your feed and always Look at your stories! You give me inspiration to Go back to my yoga practice and deeben it!

  • 7w ago gopherguts gopherguts

    Full moon in Aries on Tuesday but we feel the energy a few days before! Get it girl!!

  • 7w ago gopherguts gopherguts

    Astrology zone is a great quickie app. The monthly forecasts are so accurate!

  • 7w ago unwindbyjulia unwindbyjulia

    Wow 😍😍🙌🏻🙌🏻

  • 7w ago anastasiaadvolodkin anastasiaadvolodkin

    Amazing strength here, thank you for sharing 🙌🏼💫🧘🏼‍♀️

  • 7w ago the_exit_strategy the_exit_strategy

    Amazing Chelsea! And also thanks for asking because I’m curious too and want to learn more...and actually red all comments 😁

  • 7w ago janrferguson janrferguson

    Ditto on everything !

  • 7w ago eri.melly eri.melly

    Wow! I’m still on wall assisted head stands.

  • 7w ago chelseasyoga chelseasyoga

    @liforme ❤️❤️❤️

  • 7w ago jennyclise_ jennyclise_


  • 7w ago laurasykora laurasykora

    Dayum!!! Gorgeous!!! Such a hard one for me!

  • 7w ago alenoriega1 alenoriega1

    Yom Kippur..

  • 7w ago robin_262_ robin_262_


  • 7w ago ediang ediang


  • 7w ago summeraldis summeraldis

    Gorgeous pose

  • 7w ago thatindianyogini thatindianyogini

    Perfect mix of balance and practice 🙏🏽

  • 7w ago aliciaorre aliciaorre

    Yea full moon incoming in your sign of Aries - you’ll definitely be feeling that but without knowing where your other planets are placed it’s hard to say.

    Check out Time Passages app as a starting point. Especially where Mars is in your chart (it rules Aries and is an energy motivator) and any other planets placed in Aries 🔥

  • 7w ago catbradleyyoga catbradleyyoga

    Haha enjoy 🍹 Totally wrong emoji but I'm too tired to look for the beer emoji 😂 Amazing backbend btw 💙👌

  • 7w ago hollybentley_yoga hollybentley_yoga

    I think its a full moon!

  • 7w ago valentinasolci valentinasolci

    Amazing 💕💕💕

  • 7w ago sukjogran sukjogran

    It's magical sweetie 🥀👌

  • 7w ago _paulina_728 _paulina_728

    Yes!!!! Lunar stages and planet alignment are sooo real

  • 7w ago queenvictoriassecret queenvictoriassecret

    It’s the running! It gives you crazy energy!!

  • 7w ago divinegoddessyoga divinegoddessyoga

    The sun just went into Libra as well, all of the things are happening 😂😂

  • 7w ago chelseasyoga chelseasyoga

    @fit_yoga_girl No just a local Oktoberfest here in Seattle ❤️

  • 7w ago 3rmagan 3rmagan

    @chelseasyoga ive had it like that for the last month and I usually don’t eat sugar like at all, but I’ve been this sugar monster, is that because of the moon ?

  • 7w ago viemonka viemonka

    Fantastic beautiful ☀️🙃

  • 7w ago yoga_ky yoga_ky

    This is so awesome! I haven’t played with any hand variations in this pose.

  • 7w ago sebastianasian sebastianasian

    Seattle? 🎥🐰

  • 6w ago racheldyoga racheldyoga

    I feel this mood on a spiritual level

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  • 5w ago pilatescuiaba pilatescuiaba

    @elisamaromero nossa de hoje! ❤️

  • 5w ago elisamaromero elisamaromero

    @pilatescuiaba arrasamos!

  • 5w ago namecemsitoglu namecemsitoglu

    @semineser haftaya boyleyiz

  • 5w ago semineser semineser

    @namecemsitoglu ahzhsjsjs kesin

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    minsina @yogabia

  • 2w ago yogabia yogabia

    @luizabarrosm preciso aprender primeiro kkkkkkkk

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