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"My name is Ismael Nazario, I am a prison reform advocate, social justice advocate and human rights advocate. I did 5 and a half years in prison for a crime I did not commit. The conditions that folks live in, in our prison system, are horrendous. Imagination doesn’t stretch that far to the reality that people actually go through. So that’s why I'm compelled to do this work. A lot of my focus is not only on jail and prison - we have to put things in place for our kids where they don’t even make it to that point." - Ismael Nazario for the #WeTheFuture campaign. This artwork by @munk_one is available now as a signed and numbered print on Kickstarter. Join us in bringing artwork and teaching tools into classrooms across the United States. Link in header! Artwork based off of a photograph by the one and only @kishabari #WeTheFutureNow


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