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    Vote Red

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    @kaio_arthur_jr I have many good Iranien friends that flew away from Iran the moment this terrorist government came to be because they were loyal to the Shah who had to flee to Cairo Egypt where he died. Many Iraniens fled at the same time because they were going to be killed for their loyalty to the Shah. The moment this terrorist government is overthrown they will go back to their families they left behind. Take a look at the revolution that is starting see for yourself people in Iran are tired of being terrorized and abused.

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    @b_yazd sorry for being rude but if u were low in money and food, how come u have a mobile?

  • 2w ago bubbaismehname bubbaismehname

    God bless England too!

  • 2w ago kaio_arthur_jr kaio_arthur_jr

    @bubbaismehname he never said that. Read what he said

  • 2w ago kaio_arthur_jr kaio_arthur_jr

    @rose_de_sharon777 “terr0rist government”. Yeah RIGHT. You need to hear what other Iranians say and do your own research. Don’t just stick to one group of people saying the same thing

  • 2w ago bubbaismehname bubbaismehname

    @kaio_arthur_jr I don't get what u are saying. How come he can make this comment if he doesn't have a mobile? Why buy a mobile when u could buy food and drinks?

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    @kaio_arthur_jr oh I do just that that’s why what you are saying doesn’t matter and I don’t feel the need to prove anything to you neither to try to change your way of seeing things.

  • 2w ago kaio_arthur_jr kaio_arthur_jr

    @rose_de_sharon777 don’t tell me how to see things you moron. I know exactly how I’m seeing things

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    @gigi8301 you should care but the good thing my other country Mexico is in the Paris climate agreement 😎🇲🇽I'm proud of that

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    Love you and praying for you

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    Sir you are honest president seriously I promise

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    @b_yazd stop wasting our tax dollars. Obama & Clinton support terrorism & want to destroy the Constitution. We the people do not want our tax dollars wasted OCONUS. America first!!!

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    President Trump has never violated any treaties. Obama violated Constitutional Laws multiple times & funded terrorists in Iran, etc. Sorry but you need to take your issues up with your own government.

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    @hannaahbruh I noticed the same bias- on instagram, Twitter, etc.

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    Everyone in there own country should be selfsupporting.. and every country should be independant. No one should be supported by America. People are suppose to come legally and self supporting. All the illegals even lived on food stamps for anchor babies but no more. America's taxes are for AMERICA. MONEY THAT BELONG TO ALL AMERICAN TAXPAYERS THAT EVEN HAVE FAMILIES TO SUPPORT. AND WE DO NOT GET ANYTHING FREE. NOBODY PROTECTS US BUT OUR OWN MILITARY.

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    الهی آمین

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    My home state! 😍😊


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