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Two people with same face but different bodies! This is my third transformation in the last two years!
I would once again like to thank my brdr,my buddy, my mentor, my coach @saiyan_goku_here for helping me with this transformation and to help me throughout the process! I really respect you brother you have always helped me, always motivated me and have always pushed me!
A special thanks to @harshadmenon bhai who took out time for me from his hectic schedule and helped me through my peak week💪 brother I really appreciate and really respect all your efforts that you have put to help me through the peak week❤️thanks a lot!
@akshita__singh__ , aunty and mom thanks will not be enough seriously!
Follow @musclesandwellness for such amazing transformation and for better results! To start your fitness journey with me click at the link in my bio💪
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