Instagram post by @savoringtheflavoring Katy Allan

Today, as I was helping my 6-year-old, Luke, make the bunk beds in the room he shares with his 7-year-old brother, Ford, he tossed one of their comforters down to me + said “Ew, this one is Ford’s. I know because it has his snot on it, see?”. I responded that, in that case, I’d go ahead + wash it. Luker replied “You don’t need to wash mine. The only thing on mine is hoodle.” 😳 “Hoodle?” I asked. He replied quickly, “Because I sleep naked. 😃” In other non-hoodle-related news, this crunchy cucumber + jicama + avocado salad topped with pan-fried bread cheese was perhaps the most incredible lunch I’ve had in a while. How I did it👇🏼 #savoringtheflavoring

1. I tossed diced jicama + cucumber + avocado + a handful each of minced cilantro + red onion + a little finely grated jalapeño together, then drizzled it with olive oil + fresh lime juice + seasoned it with a little sea salt + cumin.
2. Cut a couple slices of bread cheese into cubes + pan-fried in a skillet for a couple min, then served atop the salad. SO ridiculously goooood. 👌🏼🤤


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